Friday, November 28, 2008

The Wheels on the Bus...

So, as I was riding the bus this morning, in somewhat of a haze, I was momentarily distracted by a rattling noise on the floor. Being the observant individual I am, I looked down only to find some worn bolts rolling around. Although I was unable to ascertain their point of origin, I am fairly certain they worked themselves loose from somewhere on the bus floor.

Now, I 'm not trying to scare anyone, but here's the deal. - I don't think Edmonton buses are all that safe. The doors frequently do not shut properly/or at all on the small feeder buses. This would not be such a problem if the bus wasn't frequently packed to the max, forcing small children to stand in the area directly adjacent to the broken doors. All it's going to take is one bump and a stumble and we'll have kids falling out onto the busy morning streets.

Of less, but still some concern, is that when you sit down on the pee-stained seats your clothes often catch and snag on errant nails that have been neglected for far too long.

Come on ETS, get your crap together. Don't let a lawsuit be the reason that you address this problem. Who knows what's happening under the bus that we can't see...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The "Arrested Development" feature has moved closer to reality, with Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard reportedly closing deals for the long-gestating project from Imagine and Fox Searchlight.
The possible migration of the critically acclaimed but short-lived Fox series to the big screen has been a hot topic among fans for the past year. Speculation has been fueled by cast members of the show, including Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Jeffrey Tambor, who have been frequently quoted in interviews that a feature adaptation is in the works.
Hurwitz, who created and exec produced the Emmy-winning series, is on board to write the film as well as direct with help from Howard.
This is like the happy version of walking in on your wife with another man. I KNEW IT! But still, I needed the confirmation.
At this rate, we should definitely have a trailer by 2012.
'Arrested Development' film gets closer [THR]

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just because

Muffin is realy into Pop Art.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Mom and Me went to see Hairspray last week - and it was AWESOME!!! Totally my favorite one yet! Check out this last song as posted on YouTube (actual music starts 50 seconds in...)

Speaking of Generosity...

I was totally and unbelievably blessed by a friend last week. Not only has this person given us a Sony Vaio laptop in the past, he has now given us his old Mac Book. I love to give, but often have a hard time accepting gifts from people, especially when it's for no reason. So thanks Anthony, for putting up with my craziness about accepting it!

I like the Mac (Darryl likes it to an unhealthy level), but I am having a really hard time adjusting to the functions. You get so used to using a PC, that when things are dummy-proofed, as is the case with the Mac, it seems impossible to adjust to. If there are any Mac users out there, I'll take tips. I felt like pushing it off the table the other day I was so frustrated.

Cape Breton, my Love, and Me

Here is the long-awaited picture from Warren Gordon, the photographer who shot the Sparling Family Photos in Nova Scotia this summer. I waited and waited, but alas, I did not receive it in time to go on the Christmas cards. In any case, it was a beautiful piece of property and a wonderful vacation. CAPE BRETON FTW!

Winter is Here and so is the Stuff

I seem to be under a certain amount of scrutiny lately for not blogging as often as I should; however, I hope to reverse this trend very soon.

As Christmas draws nearer, I can't help but think about the right timing for everything. There was Christmas music being played in the stores on November 1. While some may think that's reprehensible, others rejoiced. Then there's the "right" date to decorate and put up the tree. While some folks wait until the week before Christmas, others put theirs up in November.

So what's right? I, personally have always set a date of Dec 1 to listen to Christmas music. However, I shamelessly broke that date this year and pulled out the Boney M CD before Remembrance Day. I feel a garland coming on very soon also, so stay tuned.

More than anything, I'm again struck with the commercialism and cynicism associated with this holiday. It seems as if bigger is better, and nothing is ever enough. What are we teaching our children? What does the undying love of "stuff" have to say about us? I personally believe it's time to return to the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. While Santa and reindeer might be fun, we would have nothing to celebrate nor the grace to do it without His birth. Jesus IS the reason for the season!

Friday, November 7, 2008


I have been amiss in my blogging as of late. I have pictures of our spoooky jack-o-lanterns from halloween, but haven't quite got around to putting them up yet.

This week can be summed up into one word - blargh. The weather has been grey and dismal, and my mood hasn't been a whole lot better. I really struggle with the winter months, and since it is officially November now, I guess it's winter. On the bright side, I bought a giant inflatable penguin for the front lawn, so I just need to wait a few weeks and he can come out of the box. I plan on having a super tacky house, just in case anyone knows.

Also, the dog seems to have hidden Halloween candy somewhere in the house. We occasionally find her finishing off a package of twizzlers or a peanut butter cup. Seriously, I can't find the source, and I didn't let the candy cauldron (yes, we had an actual cauldron) out of my sight on Halloween, so I haven't got a clue how this happened. I guess it's better than her eating her own poo though.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend - it's a 4-day weekend for me! I plan on doing nothing, except maybe getting my hair done. Also, perhaps trying to figure out how to hang Christmas lights. Stay tuned for that fiasco.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Going As A Dork: iPhone Costumes

A Post from

It had to be posted - it had a Japanese Chin in it.

I'm Going As A Dork: iPhone Costumes

While The Superficial Writer has been doing his patriotic duty posting hot celebrities in their Halloween costumes, I get stuck with a bunch of goofballs dressed as iPhones. Anyway, I like the dog one. All the others suck, except for maybe the baby seat one. That one was cute. Seriously though, I see you dressed like an iPhone tonight, and I'm pushing your buttons. Figuratively. And, since it is Halloween, literally too. *BEEP BOOP BEEP BOOP BEEP* I'm calling your mom!


This of course, is the Magical, Mystical, Mr. Mistoffelees


I realize that I forgot to post on our Cats experience at the Jubilee.

I don't really know what to say about this show. Mom and I wanted to go because of its iconic status in the theatre world. If something is so popular, it must be good, right?

Well, lets just say that Mom liked it. I, on the other hand, was a bit puzzled by the whole thing. There really wasn't that much of a plot. And the songs, minus a couple, were fairly incomprehensible. The costumes, and the choreography on the other hand were amazing, and well worth the two hours it took. I think that perceived lack of plot has a lot to do with the fact the musical was based on a group of poems from T.S. Elliot, Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats ( Most lyrics were directly taken from these poems. This was an interesting fact that I didn't know.

Anyway, I can cross this off my bucket list now.