Thursday, April 30, 2009

South LRT Station

Today I took a new way to work which required me to board the LRT at the new South Station. It's amazing! The terminal is sleek and beautiful and the new train that I happened to be on was smooth and quiet. Many, many people were at the station due to changes to the most popular university bus routes, and it was efficient and well organized. Well done Edmonton. Now get on your horse and build me a park and ride in Mill Woods.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Babysitting April 25th 2009

Captain Hook

Winter Gear for the Cold April Weather

What we do with Nate when he misbehaves

Snack Time
Abbi Driving the Gator

Isaac and Abbi following Isaac's trail of sticks (and chasing Muffin)

We took care of the kids this weekend while Brad and Jenn are in Mexico for a holiday. I am still convalescing from my surgery and then got the stomach flu on Sunday, so it was mostly Darryl doing the child care! Isaac, Abbi, and Nate had lots of fun playing pirates and hiding treasure, hide-and-go-seek, and tormenting the dog. As usual we had a blast, the kids were awesome, and we miss them already.

Avast ye Maties!

Snow, April 25, 2009

We took care of the kids this weekend and had to come in from playing outside because...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Neil Young @ Rexall

Set List

Love And Only Love
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
Fuel Line
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Spirit Road
Cortez The Killer
Cinnamon Girl
Mother Earth
The Needle And The Damage Done
Light A Candle
Are You Ready For The Country?
Four Strong Winds
Heart Of Gold
Old Man
Speakin' Out
Tonight's The Night
Down By The River
Get Behind The Wheel
Just Singing A Song


All Along The Watchtower

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Muffin's Spring Clean Up.

Today I sent the pup to have a date at the groomer's.  She was still quite dirty from our trip out to Elk Island National Park, and I can't give her a bath myself because I'm still pretty much confined to bed for most of the day.  This is what she came back looking like - the bows only stay in long enough for me to get a picture.  That's why she's shooting the camera a dirty look :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Elk Island in April

Darryl, Muffin, and I went out to Elk Island for a 6k "hike" the weekend before my surgery. I say "hke" because the path was paved the entire way :)

It was a gorgeous day and everything was melting all around us. We saw a heard of Bison with their babies, some early bugs, and a ladybug. Muffin was in her element, and went trotting though dirty puddles like no one's business. It's funny that when she's in the city we can't even make her get her paws wet, but when we're out at Elk Island she's covered in Mud and doesn't care at all.

The walk took us about two hours in total and fun was had by all. The beaver lodges weren't quite thawed out yet, so no sign of any aquatic life. By the end of the hike Muffin was absolutely beat and slept in the car all the way home. Fun times had by all.

Plants: Salad Bush (Cucumber)

One week's Difference...

Snow Redistribution

In an effort to have all our snow melt before August, I made Darryl shovel it to the already-melted parts of our lawn. This was about two weeks ago - the snow has since melted and then it snowed again leaving us with the same problem. Have I mentioned that I am so ready for winter to be over? Muffin loves being able to relax out on the deck again, and we've started having to lure her in with treats because she won't come inside.

Bob and Muffin

Taeya and Steve came to stay for the weekend a while back and brought their dog Bob. After the initial "I'm going to kill you" stage, Muffin warmed to the idea of having a friend and was sad to see Bob go on Sunday. The picture of Steven is just because he's awesome.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Gallbladder

So it's gone. I went in yesterday for surgery to remove my gallbladder at the Grey Nuns Hospital. Dr. C. Sample did the procedure, and it went well from what I gather the surgeon told Darryl. I've got four incisions and an incredibly distended stomach. I guess that they pump air into your abdomen when they do laparoscopic surgery so they can see better. It's expected to go away in a couple of days, but my belly really aches right now.

I have to say, the operating room did not seem nearly as cool as on Grey's Anatomy. I made sure to tell them that too, before I went under the anesthetic. They told me that if someone made a TV show about them that no one would watch and that's why their operating theatre sucked. Then they put me under because I'm sure they were tired of me dissing them.

And as for anesthetic - man does it make me loopy. I really had a hard time yesterday getting in my right mind for more than 2 minutes at a time. I'm pretty sure I said some weird things that I have no recollection of. And the Toradol probably doesn't help that either (but I LOVE it).

I wont post any pictures right now of my stomach because no one needs to see that. Not even me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flutter - This blog entry stolen from

Is 140 characters too many for you? Feel intimidated by all that space? Then check out Flutter, the latest in social blogging sites. Flutter promises to take Twitter's microblogging to the next level: nanoblogging -- with a limit of 26 characters per post, or "flap". Obviously, the video is a parody. But the really sad part is that it probably won't be for long.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pet Hair Products

I'm sort of choked. Really choked, actually.
I have a dog that sheds. A lot. And there is only so much vacuuming a person can do. Lint sheets just don't cut it, and the rubber squeegees for couches aren't great.

So when I saw an ad for the 3m Fur Fighter, I was really excited. But I couldn't find it anywhere. Similarly, when I saw an ad for the Pledge Fabric Sweeper, I was thrilled. Again, no luck finding it.

Upon further correspondence with these two companies, the products are not available to Canadians. What, they don't think our dogs shed? Or maybe they just think we like to live with hairball tumbleweeds in our houses. I don't know.

Pushed to the edge of insanity, I even tried ordering these products online. The Pledge product won't even ship to Canada. The 3m product will, but with a 22 dollar surcharge for a $12 dollar product (from I gave it a pass.

Why do America advertise products in Canada that we can't buy? Is it a cruel joke meant to punish us for our comparatively low crime rate and generally happy dispositions? Really, I would love to know.
Anyway, don't come over to my house unless you're prepared to sit on a couch full of dog hair.

Spring Reings Victorious!

I think, and I am a bit scared to say this and get punished with more snow, that spring has finally come. I walked across campus today and stopped at two different trees - they both have swollen buds on them.

I cannot wait for all of this snow to be gone and the chill in the air turn to warmth - we were enjoying sitting on our deck this weekend and soaking up the sun.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oil of Oregano

Okay. So I'm pretty desperate to get rid of this cold. As such, I went to the health food vitamin place (technical term) and loaded up on herbal remedies to help my immunity with the help of a knowledgeable friend. She recommended Oil of Oregano for my throat soreness. She warned me it would taste bad. But when she said "bad", I thought maybe "bad" like Buckley's is bad. But no, it's worse. So much worse. It tastes like someone ground up a hundred Christmas trees, boiled down the remnants into a sludge, and put it in a bottle. It's so bad in fact, that upon taking my first dose I vomited in the sink. (Darryl thought that was hilarious. ) However, despite the vomiting my throat felt a little bit better, so I've continued taking it, mixed with a shooter of orange juice, and it seems to be helping.

All I have to say is this: Beware the Oil of Oregano. It might get results, but be prepared to barf.

They're Back!

This morning I saw two Canadian geese flying over our house. It's my third goose sighting in two weeks, so I am reasonably confident in saying that yes, spring will eventually arrive in Edmonton. Although the evidence to the contrary (in the form of snow every night) seems somewhat contradictory.