Monday, September 28, 2009

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Excerpt from MyLifeIsAverage

Today I found a gem of a site, I think I could waste some serious time on here... Here's an excerpt for your consideration.

Today, I offered my roommate a cookie. She declined my offer, and went back to work. I then set the cookie within her reach, and continued my own work. A couple minutes later, the cookie was gone. I've been running this test for weeks. The only difference today was that the cookie was actually a dog treat. She didn't notice. MLIA
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bicycle Built for Two

This is how we amused ourselves while supper was cooking this weekend - trust me, I will not be doing this again any time soon. I may have said the words "we're going to crash and die" a number of times in the two minutes I was on the bike.

Mom and Darcy

Mom and Dad

Linda and Kelley

Brad and Jenn

Burt and Leigh

Dinner Party Deluxe

For many years, my parents have belonged to a dinner group that has made it a point to meet any number of times a year for some crazy fun.

This year, we, as children of the dinner club, were lured to Markerville to partake in one such gathering. We were told that our parents would be waiting on us with a gourmet meal - this was not the case.

Upon arrival, the "kids" (we are all well past being called such a name) were split into teams - Appetizers, Main Course, and Dessert. We were then unceremoniously informed we were preparing our parents supper. This of course should have come as no surprise to us.

Pictures from the evening follow - there were 20 of us in total and we had a great time. Our Dessert team won the "best presentation" prize, for which I took home an impression set to capture Muffin's paw print. I totally got the best prize :)

The original dinner group

My Husband, the chef
My brother, who suggested we all go to McDonald's
Kelley and Barbie testing the appetizers

Place Settings

Jenn and co. at the BBQ

Doan's with the Fam


Thursday, September 17, 2009

David Cook

We lost our wonderful friend and colleague David Cook this past weekend very suddenly. David was a Divisional member and past director; I had the pleasure of sharing an office space with him.
David was an extraordinary person - a world renown lecturer on Medical Education & Pharmacology, David spent a good deal of time traveling and sharing his knowledge with others. He was due shortly in Nepal and Oman to give lectures to their universities.
David was also exceptionally knowledgeable about music; classical and opera in particular. I had the pleasure of attending one of his "Pre-opera talks" last year prior to seeing Falstaff. David kindly provided his own floor seat tickets to me and my husband.
However, more importantly than being a brilliant academic, David was a kind, funny, and vibrant individual. We will dearly miss his perspective, energy, and caring heart. My condolences go out specifically to Mary-Ann and Rachel, by whom he was survived.
A celebration of David's life is to be held at the Winspear Centre, September 23rd, 2009 from 6:30 PM to 9 PM. Donations can be made to the David Cook Memorial Fund for the Edmonton Opera.

Hot Tamale!

We fed Rich one of our remaining banana peppers the other night - turns out it was far hotter than he thought it would be. You're not so tough now, are you buddy?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Edmonton River Queen

To celebrate my birthday and Mom's birthday that was in August, The four of us boarded the Edmonton Queen Riverboat last night. We had a nice prime rib dinner and watched the world go by in the beautiful River Valley! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Famiy Birthday Celebrations

My family came up this weekend to celebrate my birthday in style with me. We had supper on saturday night and then took the kids to the park. Fun times had by all- and Nate really liked the cake from the look of it...

McKernan Homecoming

McKernan Baptist Church had their Annual Homecoming BBQ this weekend. We flipped burgers and ate more than I care to admit. Darryl battled Jeremy in the bouncy thingy boxing ring and did not come out victorious - although judging from Jeremy afterwards I think he expended himself far more than darryl :)

The firefighters showed up again this year and let the kids take a look around their trucks. Nick and Chad flipped burgers to perfection and fun was had by all!

Terwilliger Again

My friend Heather and I went to Terwilliger Dog Park again on Friday night for a brief walk with the Muffinator. It was beautiful outside and we enjoyed the beautiful trail system.

Afterwards we went to Second Cup, and apparently on Friday nights they host a Tango night. I thought I was just losing my mind when I saw people twirling around to some very saucy music, but the barista clarified it for me - Salsa club. So if you're ever so inclined, bring your dance shoes to the Second Cup at Riverbend Square on Friday night and salsa up a storm.

Thanks Heather for one of the most fun nights I've had in a while - Love you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Darryl and I headed out to Terwilliger Dog park on Sunday night for a bit of a walk with wee Muffin. It was an absolutely splendid night and we actually saw two full grown cyotes trotting along towards the slough to play and hunt birds. We promptly put Muffin back on her leash because she's just stupid enough to go and try to play with them.
The above picture is of the waterfront area (I didn't take it) and we watched all the labs and retrievers playing in the river. Muffin of course didn't even get her paws wet because she's half cat. Aside from having to catch her once, she listened really well and came back every time we called her. Seems like our puppy is actually growing up.

My Birthday

I celebrated my birthday in a very low key sort of fashion this year. After receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my husband at work, we went for supper at The Keg and then visited some friends.

On a related note, I underestimate how much I like Facebook on my birthday. Getting 30 people to say "Happy Birthday" is really fun. Despite claims to the opposite, I now admit that I am fully reliant on Facebook for my day-to-day functioning. A sad birthday reality, if I do say so myself...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Turnips and Such

Here is me displaying a giant acorn squash and a not-so-giant white globe turnip from my garden in a terribly unflattering picture. My garden is abysmal this year and these two species are about the only two things that have decided to grow. I don't know what's wrong with my soil, but hopefully the addition of some compost this fall will solve my problems for next year.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I love Free Stuff!

Oh Week of Welcome, how I love thee. Of all the events in the city that hand out free stuff that I frequent every year, I think the first day of classes at the University is my favorite. I love the energy in the air that fills Quad the first day of class. Oh to be a student again.

The next best thing to being a student, however, is getting the free stuff the students are handed out. I go to WoW every year to try and recoup some of the hard-earned tuition dollars the university suckered out of me during my degree. The following list is my booty for today.

  • Mike and Ike candy
  • Three packs of Maynard's gummies
  • Axe hair products
  • Vitamin Water
  • rice crispy square
  • candy floss
  • popcorn
  • canvas shopping bag
  • hand sanitizer (2)
  • Foam hand shaped like a bear paw
  • fortune cookie
  • cardboard pen
  • bear bell
  • gum
  • and something I can't write on here because my mom might be reading this.

Back to School...

Fall must be here, because I was greeted this morning by hoards of university students crowding my normally empty bus.

I am always shocked at the reliance that university-aged people have on their cell phones. Of the 10 people immediately surrounding me at least four were on their cells texting incessantly at 7 am. Who are you texting at 7 am? And what could you possibly need to say? And how do you get your fingers to move so fast on that tiny keyboard?

In any case, I always enjoy seeing students wandering around on this first day of classes worriedly with their schedules in their hands. Usually they're wearing new outfits and have new backpacks. Little do they know in two months they'll be wearing pajama pants to class, carrying a triple espresso, and wearing their glasses because they passed out with their contacts in at someone's house the previous night.

Welcome back students - try not to get run over while you jaywalk across 112th street.