Thursday, October 29, 2009

Remy Gaillard

Return of the Blogger

Teri's Birthday Trifle

Karen, me, and Erin (I look like I have a mullet, but I don't. I assure you.)

Shea and Erin (well, at least most of Erin)

Sylvan Lake with big whitecaps

The Big Moo - closed down for the season (but the surf shop is open ?!)

My car on Lakeshore, which is torn up at the moment.

I have been notably absent for the last month due to a number of reasons.
1. I've been lazy
2. My USB port stopped working and I couldn't download pictures
3. I've been lazy.

However, I've decided that it is in fact a good idea to keep this blog current so I'm back.
Attached are some of the pictures taken this past weekend when I went to visit my family in Red Deer. Darryl stayed home on a doomed mission to put up the Christmas lights (gale-force winds and being on a roof do not mix) so I was alone. I spent some time with my grandmother, who has been released from the hospital after her hip surgery and is now in a transition facility and doing awesome.
I spent Friday and Saturday nights with some of my cousins just hanging out, singing karaoke (we're awesome), and discussing life. It was amazing to reconnect with these guys, who do not feel like cousins, but rather siblings. I got certified on Karen's espresso machine and I feel like being a barista might be a viable alternative to a career in research.
I was also lucky enough to be able to celebrate Teri's birthday with the family at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Love you guys!