Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Picture - taken by Cindy

I had the idea to apply for parts as an extra as I see them come up in Edmonton. This was the head shot that I had done in July for that purpose. Just transfering....

Muffin's Friend Booker

Just couldn't resist. He is a VERY cute bulldog that Muffin has a crush on :)

Merry Christmas!

Jill's wedding, the return

I have a couple of photos that I'd like to post from my desktop as I'm changing computers. Not sure if I have them at home, so this is my insurance policy. These were taken this summer at J&J's wedding.

Small Group Christmas Party

Thanks everyone who came last Monday to our small group Christmas get together. It was especially nice to visit with Heather and her dad who made the sojourn from Winnipeg. Also to Greg, who is represented by the phone as he got festive with us by remote device. Love you guys!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taken from My Life Is Average

Today, I rear ended another car and the person I hit happened to be a midget. The guy got out his car and walked to my window, looked up and said, “I am not happy.” I wish I had the courage to say, “Then which one are you?” Instead I just apologized. MLIA

Only Siberia is Colder Than Edmonton.

Okay. I ask myself every winter, "Why do you live in this frigid, desolate wasteland of a place?" As of yet I have no good answer. The following article is from the Edmonton Sun.

Edmonton was the coldest place in North America yesterday morning and the second chilliest in the world.
The Edmonton International Airport saw a record low of -46.1 C and -58.4 C with the windchill, outfreezing even the Arctic.
"The cold high pressure has been moving down from the Arctic over the Prairies," said Environment Canada meteorologist John McIntyre, adding British Columbia and Saskatchewan also experienced plummeting temperatures. "We are right now in the centre of the heaviest, coldest air."
Only Dzalinda, Siberia, appeared to be colder, with a weather station there recording temperatures of -48 C.
But the coldest day ever recorded in Edmonton remains unbeaten at -48.3 C with a windchill of -61 C on Jan. 26, 1972.
Yesterday's frigid temperatures broke the previous record for Dec. 13, which was -36.1 C set in 2008, as well as the record for the coldest day in December, a low of -44.5 C set on Dec. 9, 1977. Cold Lake, Grande Prairie and Whitecourt also had record lows yesterday.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Discouragement

I always find myself a bit down during the Christmas season, although one would expect the opposite. The (much needed) attention the media draws to the needs of our communities both local and worldwide remind me that we're a very long way from being able to give help to everyone who needs is. It can be overwhelming to think that there is only so much we can do individually and many people in this world will never achieve even a basic standard of living.

A friend sent me this quote this afternoon and although it certainly doesn't solve my melancholy, it certainly puts things in a clearer perspective.

~ I never look at the masses as my responsibility; I look at the individual. I can only love one person at a time - just one, one, one. So you begin. I began - I picked up one person. Maybe if I didn't pick up that one person, I wouldn't have picked up forty-two thousand....The same thing goes for you, the same thing in your family, the same thing in your church, your community. Just begin - one, one, one. ~~ Mother Teresa

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amarjeet Sohi

I took the bus to work today to try out transportation options that don't require me walking outside for a half mile in -30 weather. I ran into an acquaintance of mine who I got to know while riding the bus last year, city counselor Amarjeet Sohi.

He mentioned that he's managed to get express buses from The Meadows (where we live) to go straight to the Century Park LRT station when it opens in April. This will significantly cut down on my and other residents' travel times to places like the University and downtown. If I currently take the bus, door-to-door time for me to work at the University is about an hour and a half. With the new express routes and LRT it will reduce this to 45 minutes, which is actually quite reasonable and affordable. Certainly more affordable than the $120 per month it take to park at the U of A.

I appreciate that we have a person representing our area so dedicated to meeting the issues felt by our community. He himself rides public transit almost every day and takes that opportunity to speak with community members like myself. And after not seeing me for 6 months he remembered which bus I transfer to. That's class if I ever saw it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vitamin water - Placebo or Miracle Potion?

I've recently become a fan of Vitamin water. I'm about a year behind everyone else apparently, but I've resisted buying this product on the basis that it's water. You know, like from the tap?
However, I must say that I'm impressed by a few things. It isn't as sweet as juice, which I love. I'm to the point where I can barely drink a bottle of "juice" because it is simply too sweet. Vitamin water is fruity but not overwhelming.
More to the point, I've been drinking about a half of one of these bottles a day for the last few weeks and I have not gotten sick. Darryl had what can only be assumed to be H1N1 (and no, I'm not being melodramatic) and I did not contract said disease. I get EVERYTHING that goes around in the flu season. And for the record I did not get a flu shot.
Now, maybe I'm just lucky this time. But sleeping in the same bed and living in the same house as someone with a high fever and persistent cough for a week would usually guarantee me getting sick. I don't know whether I can contribute my increased immunity to the Vitamin water, or the fact that I'm absolutely crazy washing my hands and sanitizing them lately, but whatever the case, it's working.
Might I recommend one of these fruity little treats?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome to Edmonton Google Street View!

Google has finally got around to adding Edmonton to Google Street Views. Although the above image is not in Edmonton, I can hardly wait to find the abnormalities Google vans captured when they were filming our fair city!

Agility December 2009

We took Muffin to an agility course last night to prepare for our classes coming up in January. We were joined by Booker (Steph and Darren's bulldog) and Toby and Copper (Mike and Mel's Beagles). It was tons of fun, and despite the fact that Muffin kept jumping off the highest point of the obstacles, I think she learned a bit. I know I did. Thanks for the evening guys!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LRT Etiquette

Yesterday I was riding home on the LRT when a mother and her three small children boarded the crowded train with me. I immediately gave up my seat so that one of them could sit down (two little people actually squeezed into the spot). However; NONE of the well-dressed people with suits and/or heels that had seats they claimed when boarding downtown offered to even move over so the third child could sit. Neither did any of the students coming from the university.

What has the world come to? We live in a sad state of affairs when an able bodied person will not stand for the 5 minutes it takes to reach the bus depot so a small child and new mom can have a seat on the train. Unfortunately, I've seen the same thing happen on the bus over and over again.

Besides the fact that we were in the "Priority Seating" section of the train and according to all the rules set in place by ETS people HAD to vacate their seats in favor of this family (but didn't), where is the common courtesy? I hope that when it comes time for me to have children, or if I end up with a disability or impediment that someone is more kind than these people were.